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Sep 17, 2016
What you need to know if you were harmed by Wells Fargo
By Jeff Ehrlich
Category: Info for consumers
What you need to know if you were harmed by Wells Fargo
By Jeff Ehrlich – SEP 13, 2016
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If you were one of the thousands of people who incurred fees as a result of an unauthorized Wells Fargo account, the CFPB has ordered Wells Fargo to refund all of your money. Some payments have already been made; others will be sent in the coming months.

Customers of Wells Fargo or any other bank or credit union should always closely monitor their accounts to make sure they don’t see unauthorized products or account activity. If you suspect that you had an unauthorized account opened, you should visit your local bank branch or call your financial institution. If you’re still having an issue, you can submit a complaint to the CFPB, either online or by calling toll-free (855) 411-2372. More info...

Sep 14, 2016
Create Pathways for Happiness in Your Brain
money and happiness
There are people who, if they won a $56 million lottery, would only complain about how much they'd have to pay in taxes. You know the type. The steely lady with the down turned mouth, nose in the air, who doles out grievances like Halloween candy. Or the curmudgeonly old man, so sour faced you can almost hear the litany of complaints running through his mind from his lifelong feud with pleasure. More info...

Sep 13, 2016
How Big Sugar Enlisted Harvard Scientists to Influence How We Eat—in 1965
Deena Shanker
The food industry has funded research in an effort to influence nutrition science and health policy for more than half a century, new research out Monday has found.
It's no secret that industry funds such efforts today: An investigation in June, for example, showed how the National Confectioners Association worked with a nutrition professor at Louisiana State University to conclude that kids who eat sugar are thinner than those who don't. More info...

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