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Mar 27, 2018
5 Lessons You Won't Learn in Business School About Running a Small Business
Justin Kulla
Business school can be an amazing investment. But ironically if you want to start and run a small business, it might not make the most sense. That doesn't mean business education isn't important - in fact, it's critical. For entrepreneurs, there is just so much to learn from sales, marketing and finance to operations, legal and HR.

So what is it that you learn at business school and why doesn't it work for small businesses? Business schools were created in the early 20th century as a way to train professional business managers. That model still applies today. More info...

Mar 27, 2018
5 Biggest Marketing Challenges For Small Business Owners
Ivan Widjaya
Running a small business is not easy. Clients and customers can be fickle with their demands, ruining your long-term business plans. New laws and regulations will leave you scrambling to get the necessary papers, or face fines. Employees might suddenly decide to bail, leaving you understaffed at crucial moments.

There is no corporate reserve fund to get you out of trouble when times get tough. Equipment breaks down or becomes obsolete, bringing work to a standstill.

And then there is marketing. More info...

Mar 20, 2018
How to Effectively Advertise Your Property for Rent
Ivan Widjaya
For landlords operating in todayís property market, renting is a profitable proposition. Though there are plenty of prospective tenants out there, ensuring they find you is the hard part. This can be achieved with effective marketing methods. Knowing where to start is the hard part, but with the right advertisements, tenants will come to you.

Once youíre ready to market with appropriate photos and copy, consider elite marketing sources to deliver your message to the right people. For the best results, itís good to use multiple channels rather than limiting yourself to one approach. This maximizes exposure, but itís largely dependent on your marketing budget. More info...

Mar 20, 2018
Beware of the so Called "Experts"
Andrew Griffiths
Clearly, we are living in the "Age of the Expert", where there are lots of people claiming to be the leaders at something or other. They tell a good story and I have no doubt that many of them are experts, but a lot are not. What really concerns me is that the ones who really should be promoting themselves as experts or authorities can actually do a lot of harm to a business or to an individual. More info...

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