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What You Need to Know for Your Business

Feb 5, 2019
Small Business Accounting Software
Keeping the Books
One of the most critical tasks for any small business is keeping accurate financial records. These records are a report card on how well the business is doing and are used for tax preparation and to prepare reports for lenders when applying for a loan. A good quality software program can help your business run smoothly and save you time that can be used to help your business grow. More info...

Jan 9, 2019
6 Risk Factors You Need to Consider Before Purchasing a Franchise
Mark Siebert
tís important to assess the potential risk of the various franchise investments youíre considering to determine where they lie on the risk axis. Keep in mind, their perceived risk isnít limited to a single factor. Rather, itís the sum of all the risk factors that could cause your investment to go south. With that in mind, letís look at some of these risk factors so you can measure the risk associated with the franchises youíre considering. More info...

Dec 20, 2018
How to Make Your Business Successful by Focusing on the Long-Term ROI
Scott Oldford
The phrase I hear most from entrepreneurs is "I'm not sure it's the right time." Is it the right time for their business? Is it the right time for them and their team? Are all the pieces together and ready?
Business owners struggle with this all the time, and we see it often through our work at 1MT. They often know what they have to do, and they plan to make the investment ... but first they want to get to a certain level, or tick a specific box or achieve whatever. More info...

Dec 16, 2018
3 Strategies For Small Business Survival Before, During, and After a Catastrophe
Karen Tiber Leland
Is your company prepared for a natural disaster or other serious crisis? Here's expert advise on how to weather the storm.One can hardly turn on the news these days without seeing a story on how some disaster--from a winter storm to a domestic terrorist attack--is profoundly impacting communities, businesses, and individuals. For companies, at no time is leadership more important than when a crisis strikes. But how many companies are actually well prepared for catastrophe?

As you begin your strategic planning for 2019, one area to take into consideration is how your business plans on dealing with any potential disaster that may hit next year. To find out more, I spoke with Christine Perakis about the three barometers of small business survival a company needs to manage before, during and after a catastrophe.

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