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Plan the Life You Want

As is often quoted, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. But, that is not an excuse not to plan. Planning is all about the things you can control, and at the same time being aware of economic, social, and business trends that will affect you and your family.

Financial Trends

fiancial trendsMany financial trends sneak up on us if we do not keep up with the news both in general and in business. Even if we are not involved in a business directly, business trends have an effect on everyone's lives. For example, automation that will extend into our every day lives and will likely affect the way we live and work.

The best way to keep up with trends is to read reputable newspapers and magazines which should include career related trade journals. You can also find blogs online that discuss subjects in your field.

Mar 23, 2020
U.S. growth will shrink 30% next quarter but we won�t see a repeat of the Great Depression, Morgan Stanley says
By Callum Keown
It looks set to be another tough week for investors.

Coronavirus cases keep rising, countries around the world are strengthening measures designed to keep people indoors � slowing the economy in the process�- and the U.S. is struggling to pass its $1 trillion-plus economic aid bill. That combination led U.S. stock futures to hit �limit down� shortly after the open late on Sunday. Futures rebounded early on Monday as the Fed announced it would purchase an unlimited amount of Treasurys and mortgage-backed securities to support the financial market. More info...

Mar 23, 2020
How to Protect Your Finances and Credit in Tough Times
The quickly unfolding coronavirus outbreak is an extreme case, but any sort of hard times will test our personal finances. Many people are now facing reduced work hours and income while watching with worry as stock market upheaval continues.

Preparation is better than panic, however. And starting now is better than doing nothing. More info...

Mar 23, 2020
With Coronavirus Shutting Social Security Offices, Here�s What to Do If You Need Help
Richard Eisenberg
The Social Security Administration has closed all its 1,200 field offices around the country until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, what will it mean for you if you�ll need help with benefits, a replacement Social Security card or have questions about Social Security or Medicare?

The answer depends on how you�ll turn to the Social Security Administration for help as a result. You may be able to get what you need online � though that could depend on which state you live in. But if you�ll want to speak to a Social Security phone rep, prepare for a long (possibly very long) hold More info...

Mar 23, 2020
That Discomfort You�re Feeling Is Grief
Scott Berinato
Some of the HBR edit staff met virtually the other day � a screen full of faces in a scene becoming more common everywhere. We talked about the content we�re commissioning in this harrowing time of a pandemic and how we can help people. But we also talked about how we were feeling. One colleague mentioned that what she felt was grief. Heads nodded in all the panes. More info...

Mar 21, 2020
Construction Loan Draw Schedule
Loan Disbursements From Lenders During Construction
It is always a good idea to get a construction loan from a construction loan lender that will disburse the funds to the builder rather than you as the borrower. This assigns the responsibility for the disbursement of funds to the lender and assures professional inspections as the construction progresses. More info...

Mar 20, 2020
Protecting your credit during the coronavirus pandemic
By Liane Fiano
Your credit reports and scores play an important role in your future financial opportunities. You can use the steps below to
Get a copy of your credit report
If you haven�t requested your free annual credit reports, you can get copies at Each of the three nationwide credit reporting agencies (also known as credit reporting companies) � Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian � allows you to get your report for free once every twelve months. More info...

Mar 19, 2020
Bad Credit Loans
Apply now for Up to $2500
Available loans with bad credit include auto loans, personal loans, mortgage loans and credit cards.

Bad Credit Loans Can Help You

We know that it�s the people who are struggling that really need the personal loans, not just those with perfect credit histories who are paying their bills on time. A perfect credit history simply isn�t possible for many American households, especially in times like these. No matter how well you�ve planned your budget and spending strategies, you can still have an unexpected car repair or other emergency when you already living paycheck to paycheck. More info...

Mar 18, 2020
Unemployment Benefits
Do Not Wait
As soon as you learn that you are being laid off, start the procedure to file for unemployment benefits. Even if you got severance pay, apply immediately so that when the severance pay period is up you can start receiving unemployment benefits immediately.
Many states have websites where you can apply. Even if you only worked part-time you may still be eligible for some benefit. It costs nothing to apply, so be sure you do.

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