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Oct 16, 2017
Social Security checks to get 2% bigger next year
Kathryn Vasel
Millions of Americans will get a boost to their Social Security checks next year.
The government announced a 2% increase to Social Security benefits Friday morning. The bigger checks aim to help offset rising prices.
The average monthly check is estimated to increase to $1,404 in January -- a $27 increase from $1,377 a month. More info...

Sep 30, 2017
Do People Really Buy Homes For The Mortgage Interest Deduction?
Kate Ashford
As the debate continues on proposed tax reform, one of the issues that has attracted attention is the deduction for mortgage interest. Although the tax framework under discussion wouldn’t cut the deduction, the plan proposes a potential doubling of the standard deduction, which could make the mortgage interest deduction a moot point for many people who claim it—they wouldn’t have enough in deductions to warrant itemizing. More info...

Sep 27, 2017
How to Take the Stress Out of Saving for Retirement
Stop feeling stressed and start saving today.
Regardless of how old you are, how much money you make or when you plan to retire, the chances are you’re experiencing at least a little stress about saving for retirement. It’s a concern many young people avoid altogether, but as you grow older, it becomes harder to ignore. More info...

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