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The best way to prepare for the future is to have a plan that you can follow and adjust as you work through each month.

Jun 1, 2017
The Best Way to Refinance Your Student Loans
Shop online with one loan application.
Get several offers within minutes from student loan lenders and select the best deal for you. You can save thousands of dollars in interest over the life of the loan.
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May 24, 2017
3 Things Your Financial Advisor May Not Be Telling You
Jim Cahn
According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 200,000 financial advisors in the U.S. When youíre looking at such a large group of people, thereís going to be a significant amount of variance. Some advisors may have a portfolio management background. Others may be CPAs, JDs or have come from completely different professions, such as education.

Yet amidst these different backgrounds, thereís a tendency among advisors to avoid discussing certain things. That isnít to say these things are ignored altogetheróyouíll usually find them spelled out within disclosure documentation. Rather, it means that these things are simply not openly discussed in a clear and transparent manner. More info...

May 23, 2017
Trump Budget Cuts Social Security And Medicaid, Breaking Major Promises
Erik Sherman
Donald Trump's budget is based on dubious assumptions about economic growth and a strategy of extremely deep cuts into many forms of social spending. Two areas Trump has claimed since the campaign trail that would remain inviolate are Social Security and Medicaid. But both would see cuts cuts under this budget.
The budget's executive summary repeated the claim that Social Security was safe:
This plan will put our Nationís budget back into balance and begin to reduce the national debt through fiscally conservative principles that respect American taxpayers Ė all while preserving Social Security and Medicare. More info...

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