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making a budgetThe best way to prepare for your financial future is to have a budget that you can follow and adjust as you work through each month. There are many doable ways to put together a budget, but all entail gathering the best information you can from your past financial records.

Using Past Expense to Predict Future Expenses

Both checking accounts and credit card records provide a good place to start. For most families, housing expense is the largest and most important expenditure. These expenses include mortgage or rent, utilities, taxes, insurance, and maintenance.

Apr 1, 2019
Refinance is a smart money move today.
Don't wait
According to a new analysis, more than 4.9 million homeowners could now see a significant drop in interest rate if they refinanced their mortgage loan today. Thatís 1.6 million more than it was just one week ago. More info...

Mar 31, 2019
Fast Student Loans | School Year 2019-2020
Its Not Too Early to think about Summer and Fall 2019
Now is the time to apply for you student loans for next semester. Be sure to shop for the best loan for you. There are many variables like fixed or floating interest rates and pay back periods. Lending Tree student loan programs offer a way to get the best student loan offers with just one loan application. Don't hesitate to apply as it is free and there is no obligation. More info...

Mar 29, 2019
How to Pay for Home Improvements
Consider these alternatives.
Home improvements can be costly and choosing the right way to finance the improvements can save you money. Here are several alternative methods for paying for your home improvements. More info...

Mar 27, 2019
Build Your Mortgage Borrowing Power
Plan Ahead to Qualify for a Mortgage
Qualifying for a mortgage in today's market requires some preliminary work for you as a borrower. The stronger your borrowing power, the more likely you will get approved for a mortgage, and at the best possible interest rate. You can build your mortgage borrowing power by following these steps: More info...

Mar 25, 2019
Mortgage Rates are Low Again - Refinance Now
Calculate Your Monthly Mortgage Savings
House Poor
What does it mean to be house poor? It means that housing expenses eat up too much of your monthly income. Although lenders use exact formulas for determining the size mortgage a typical borrower can afford the results don't mean the payments are affordable for you. More info...

Mar 21, 2019
Financing Your Home Improvement Project
Consider several options for financing your project
Building a new house or renovating an existing house can be an exciting way to make a home uniquely yours. But, just as the design requires careful planning and consideration, so does the method of financing the construction process. Whether you hire a contractor to do a complete kitchen remodel or you decide to tackle a new deck, chance are you will need money to complete the project. More info...

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