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Accounting for Small Business Owners

Accounting for Small Business Owners covers the entire process of establishing solid accounting for your business and common financial scenarios, and will show you how to:... Read more

Adjustable Rate Mortgages | A Risky Choice

Do not accept an adjustable rate mortgage for any reason. What little money you save today can cost you your house in a few years.... Read more

Affordable Mortgage Loans from FHA

FHA mortgage loans provide the best affordable mortgage option for for low income households.... Read more

Affordable Mortgage Payments | Calculate Your Payment

Use mortgage calculators to compute how much house you can afford and still be able to live comfortably. ... Read more

All Residential Construction Loans Are Not the Same

Construction lenders have different loan procedures and policies. Some are better for the borrower, some are worse.... Read more

Alternative Appraisal Disclosure

Mortgage loans typically require an appraisal of the property. This disclosure indicates a lender might use an alternative method of property valuation.... Read more

Bankruptcy Removal from Your Credit Report

Get help to get bankruptcies removed from your credit report as soon as possible.... Read more

Best Car Loans | Bad Credit Okay

Bad credit or no situations are okay for your next car loan. Get a free auto loan quote.... Read more

Best Small Business Loans (SBA)

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers small business owners government guaranteed loans that are easier to obtain than a typical bank loan.... Read more

Build Your Mortgage Borrowing Power

Nothing can deflate the joy of buying a new home more than worrying about being turned down for a mortgage loan. Learn how to build your mortgage borrowing power.... Read more

Build Your Own Home and Save Thousands

Buying a new home can be very expensive endeavor.However, you can save 20 to 40 percent by building your own home.... Read more

Builders Risk Insurance | Construction | Remodeling

Builders risk insurance is a form of property insurance that covers property owners and builders during construction, renovation or repair.... Read more

Business to Business Lending

You have the business idea, the skills and the drive. But starting a new business or running a successful company requires capital. That's where we can help.... Read more

Buy and Renovate Your Next Home | How To

Consider purchasing a house with renovation in mind. This is an excellent way to save money and customize a house. ... Read more

Car Loans Online | Easy Application | Fast Approval

Shop online for more to get the best car loan deal. Answers in seconds, not days.... Read more

Cash Flow and Taxable Income for Income Property

Calculate taxable income on rental properties to achieve maximum tax savings on your investment.... Read more

Commercial Real Estate Books | Real Estate Investor

Learn about commercial real estate investment with the best selection of commercial real estate books.... Read more

Commercial Real Estate Loan Application Online

Completing your commercial mortgage loan application online is fast and allows you to receive several offers to compare.... Read more

Commercial Real Estate Loan Prepayment Penalties

Commercial real estate loan prepayment penalties can be avoided. Request an assumption clause in the note.... Read more

Commercial Real Estate Loans | Cap Rates

Cap rate or capitalization rate is the ratio of annual rental income of the property over the purchase price.... Read more

Construction Bookstore | Residential Homebuilding

Learn the ins and outs of new home construction before building your new home even if you have a homebuilder. ... Read more

Construction Cost Estimating Books | Current Information

Large selection of construction cost estimating books for amateurs and professionals in the construction business.... Read more

Construction Lien Laws | Florida

Construction lien laws are designed to help the sub contractors that work on your house by protecting them from non payment. ... Read more

Construction Loan Interest Rates | Compare

The rate on a residential construction loan floats with prime rate or other similar index and adjusts at time the prime rate changes.... Read more

Construction Loan Process

Construction loans have several more steps than a normal mortgage loan.... Read more

Consumer Action Handbook | Who to Call

Find consumer contacts at hundreds of companies and trade associations, local, state, and federal government agencies, national consumer organizations, and more. Assert your consumer rights by contact... Read more

Credit Card Fraud Stats - Protect Yourself from Being Scammed

Billions of dollars were lost due to credit card fraud. Don't fall victim to this fraud.... Read more

Credit Card | Horizon | Bad Credit Okay

One of the most sought after credit cards with both reward points and low cost balance transfers. Guaranteed approval.... Read more

Credit Cards | Online Application | Balance Transfer | Rewards

Credit Cards with zero interest on balance transfer or great reward points to save for any use.... Read more

Debt Consolidation | Home Equity Loans

Been looking twice at those attractive sounding offers for a debt consolidation loan? Paying off high-interest credit card debt with a home equity loan can help financially troubled families make ends meet.... Read more

Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)

Prohibits discrimination in a mortgage credit transaction on the basis of sex, marital status, race, color, religion, national origin, age, receipt of public assistance benefits... Read more

Farm and Ranch Land Loans

These farm and ranch Land Loans can be used to purchase land, livestock, equipment, feed, seed and supplies.... Read more

Financing Your Home Improvement Project

Here's a step by step process to finance your home improvement. What type of financing is available? Which is best? ... Read more

Fixed Rate Note Used for Mortgage

This is a typical fixed rate note associated with a mortgage that is used by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.... Read more

Fixer-Uppers and Making Money | Success Not Guaranteed

How do you make money on a fixer upper? Be real careful, it can go the other way.... Read more

Flood Insurance. Do I need it?

You might want to consider flood insurance even if you are not in a flood zone. Nearly 20% of flood insurance claims come from what are considered moderate and low risk areas. ... Read more

Florida Car Loans | Car Payment Calculator

Florida Car Loans online with fast approvals from up to four lenders.... Read more

Florida Construction Lien Law

According to Florida law, those who work on your property or provide materials, and are not paid-in-full, have a right to enforce their claim for payment against your property. This claim is known as a construction lien.... Read more

Free Car Payment Calculator

Use this free car loan calculator to compute your car payment based on the amount and term of the car loan you want.... Read more

Free Consumer Action Handbook

Complete listing of government publications for consumers. Find the best source of information about products, recalls, warnings and how to get your problem solved. ... Read more

Get Ready for Christmas with a Personal Loan

Borrow money for the Christmas holidays the smart way. Borrow what you want to spend with a personal loan. Spend cash and pay it off in low monthly payments. Enjoy rates as low as 5.99%.... Read more

Get Ready for the Vacation With a Low Interest Loan

Get a low interest personal loan for your best vacation ever. Enjoy low interest rates and low monthly payments. Take control of your holiday spending by avoiding credit card debt. Just borrow as much money as you want to spend and pay cash. ... Read more

Get Your Commercial Real Estate Loan Approved

Commercial real estate loans require serious documentation and there are no short cuts. Essential documents for a solid commercial real estate loan package are listed below. Prepare a binder containing all the documents with descriptive tags for each sect... Read more

Hard Money Lenders for Difficult Real Estate Loans

Hard money lenders get difficult commercial real estate deals done.... Read more

Hidden Construction Loan Requirements

While a construction loan might seem fairly straight forward, each lender has their own policies and procedures regarding everything from each draw to the conversion to a permanent loan.... Read more

Home Remodeling Books Including Cost Estimating

Home remodeling books for homeowners featuring home improvement ideas, cost estimating, and hiring contractors.... Read more

Home Remodeling for Dummies - The Book

Home remodeling can be a fun experience or a nightmare. You decide. Do your homework first. Read this book.... Read more

Homeowners Insurance Facts

Homeowners insurance facts. Protecting your home and its contents with homeowners insurance is probably one of the most important financial decisions you will make.... Read more

Homes for Sale

Free search of MLS to find just the property you want. Search by price, location, house size and number of bedrooms. Only active listings are provided.... Read more

Income Property Valuation for Real Estate Investment Property

Learn the concepts of cash flow, cap rates, competitive rents, and how appraisers accomplish income property valuation.... Read more

Jumbo Mortgage Loan Application

Jumbo mortgage loan application. Fast approval, low rates, and fast closing from quality mortgage lenders.... Read more

Key Man Insurance

Life insurance for the key employees in an organization that pays the insurance proceeds to the business.... Read more

Know Construction Terms for Residential Construction

Learn the construction definitions used in the residential construction process. ... Read more

Land Surveys for Real Estate

Part of the mortgage loan process is to obtain a survey of the property. The home buyer pays for the survey.... Read more

Loan Estimate and Closing Cost Details

View samples of the Loan Estimate the Closing Disclosure summarizing your mortgage costs.... Read more

Lot Loans for Residential Real Estate Construction

Land loans are always short term, usually interest only, and require a large down payment.... Read more

Military Loans for Active and Retired Military Personnel

All ranks and service branches are eligible to save money with a military loan from VA.... Read more

Mortgage Application Turned Down?

Many lenders offer FHA or subprime loans which stands for credit that is not classified as prime credit... Read more

Mortgage Assumption Agreement Form (Sample)

Under certain circumstances lenders will allow a borrower sign a loan assumption agreement to assume a mortgage held by the lender. VA loans are assumable.... Read more

Mortgage Escrow Accounts

Why do lenders require mortgage escrow accounts? What do mortgage escrow accounts do for you?... Read more

Mortgage Escrow Analysis Annual Statement

Lenders are required to issue itemized statements of escrow accounts to borrowers within thirty days of the end of the year.... Read more

Mortgage Information Books

Mortgage information books to make you a better real estate investor and mortgage borrower.... Read more

Mortgage Loan Application Checklist | Be Prepared

In today's tight mortgage market preparation puts you one step ahead. The mortgage application checklist will help you prepare.... Read more

Mortgage Loan Book Store

Complete bookstore of mortgage loan information. Know everything there is to know about mortgages before shopping. It will pay of in tens of thousands of dollars.... Read more

Mortgage Loan Closing

Settlement of a mortgage loan is a legal process, so specific procedures and requirements will vary according to local laws, but the following outline of closing practices will help you through the process.... Read more

Mortgage Loan Closing Checklist (Sample)

Ever wonder what goes on with your loan while it is in process? Here is a mortgage lender's checklist that is used to check your file before closing.... Read more

Mortgage Loan Disclosures in Addition to Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure

Lenders are required to give you certain disclosures which are listed here. In addition you will receive a Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure form that shows all the costs associated with your loan.... Read more

Mortgage Loan Information

Information about Truth in Lending (TIL) Good Faith Estimates (GFE), discount points, junk fees, credit, APR, and sample disclosure documents.... Read more

Mortgage Loan Modification Instead of Refinance

Lenders don't want to tell you about a little secret that can save you, the borrower, thousands of dollars in refinance costs.... Read more

Mortgage or Deed of Trust Sample Form

The Mortgage or Deed of Trust is a legal document in which the borrower transfers the title to a third party (trustee) to hold as security for the lender. When the loan is paid in full the trustee transfers the title back to the borrower... Read more

Mortgage Refinance

Refinance can make sense but run the numbers first. Use this refinance calculator to help you decide.... Read more

Mortgage Sub Servicer and Your Rights

Mortgage lenders will sometimes sub contract the chore of servicing your mortgage loan to another company known as a sub servicer.... Read more

National Construction Cost Estimator 2017

This new edition is Craftsman's most popular reference for pricing construction. You'll find labor and material prices every item needed for constructing a residential, commercial, or industrial cost estimate.... Read more

Net Credit Personal Loans $1,0000 to $10,000

Fast approval for a loan for vacation or home repair. Fixed interest rate. Its time to simplify your finances.... Read more

New Home Construction Loans

Building your new house is challenging and it is important to have all the information on how to get new home construction loans before you embark on the work.... Read more

Note and Mortgage Modification Agreement

Mortgage can be modified as to terms and interest rates. Such modifications are often used to convert construction loans to permanent mortgage loans.... Read more

Notice Required Under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act

Prohibits creditors from discriminating against credit applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or marital status.... Read more

Owner Builder Construction Loan

Shop here for the best owner builder construction loan. This is a loan that bank's won't make.... Read more

Personal Finance Advice - Save Money

Learn how to manage you money.... Read more

Personal Loan | Low Rates | Fast Approval

Personal loans, easy monthly payments, fixed rates as low as 6.59%. Save money and get out of credit card debt.... Read more

Picking up Property With Renting in Mind

There are bargain properties to be had. Consider picking up property for rental purposes.... Read more

Predatory Lending and Mortgage Loans

Known as predatory lending, unscrupulous lenders use hidden fees and unneeded refinancing to part borrowers from their money. Recent examples with sub prime loans show how borrowers can suffer.... Read more

Private Mortgage Insurance Annual Disclosure (PMI) (Sample)

Mortgage lenders must send you a Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Annual Disclosure describing your right to cancel your PMI.... Read more

Private Mortgage Insurance | When is it Needed?

Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is required for loans of more than 80% LTV. The borrowers pays PMI as part of their mortgage payment.... Read more

Providers of Required Services (Sample)

Mortgage lenders require services from several outside service providers and the lenders must disclose those relationships... Read more

Quicken Home & Business Software

Easy to learn and use accounting software from Quicken, first in accounting software.... Read more

Real Estate Investment Books

Learn how to invest in Real Estate from the experts.... Read more

Real Estate Land Loans and Lot Loans

Land loans for purchase, refinance of raw land, and finance for land improvement and subdivisions. Developers welcome. Bad credit considered.... Read more

Refinance Your Car Loan

Refinance your car loan before interest rates go up again. Fast, easy application.... Read more

Repair Your Credit

Repair your credit yourself using the steps outlined in one of these consumer credit repair books.... Read more

Residential Construction Cost Data | Estimating

Building a new home is typically more expensive than buying an existing resale home, so setting a budget is especially important.... Read more

Residential Construction Loan Application

Take a few minutes to complete this free construction loan application and you will receive several offers that you can compare with other construction lenders you might have spoken too.... Read more

Residential Construction Loan Survey Requirements for Land and Foundation

All lenders require a survey of the property before construction and again after the foundation is poured to assure proper placement of the house on the lot.... Read more

Residential Construction Loan | Information

Residential construction loans fund the building of a house.... Read more

Residential Real Estate Appraisals | Electronic Appraisals

A real estate appraisal determines the fair market value for your home and how much you can expect to receive in a sale.... Read more

Reverse Mortgage - Is it for you?

Dorothy Rogers credits a reverse mortgage as a solution to keeping her property after her husband died. ... Read more

Sample Commercial Real Estate Loan Commitment Letter

Here is a typical lender commitment letter issued for commercial loans and commercial real estate loans. The letter sets out the terms of the loan and is signed by the borrower if the terms are agreeable. ... Read more

Selecting a New Home | New Construction | Condo | Modular

First, write down the things you want in a new home. Then you can decide what type of home will suit you best.... Read more

Selecting Your Builder for Your New Home

Selecting the right builder can save you money and heartache.... Read more

Shop Car Insurance with esurance | Compare Rates

Save money by comparing car insurance rates online. Esurance is an Allstate company. ... Read more

Shopping for a Mortgage | Know This

Mortgage regulations protect mortgage borrowers with easy to read disclosures for consumers.... Read more

Smart Saving for College: Better Buy Degrees

Provides information to help students save and invest wisely for college and to use student loans sparingly.... Read more

Space Coast Car Loans Online | Compare Rates

Car loans in seconds. Fast online approvals with offers from at least four lenders.... Read more

Text of the National Affordable Housing Act Regarding Mortgage Loan Servicing

... Read more

The Consumer Guide to Banking and Personal Finance

Every consumer needs to be knowledgeable about the finances that effect the quality of their lives.... Read more

The Truth About Mortgages for Consumers

Want to know more about mortgages? Here is expert mortgage advice from the people at Truth About Mortgages. ... Read more

Truck Loans Online

Save money. Find the best car loans here with this easy to complete application. Credit not a problem.... Read more

VA FHA Refinance

Don't lose your home. FHA has a new program to assist those with sub prime loans. Avoid foreclosure and check it out with an FHA lender. Veteran? You may qualify for a VA loan.... Read more

What are Discount Points?

Discount Points on mortgages serve one of two purposes and are a way to save money. The first is income for the lender which cost you money, the second is a lower interest rate for the borrower that saves you money.... Read more

What does retirement mean to you?

Read current articles about retirement and how to use a financial planner to help you know how to retire and when.... Read more

What is APR? Mortgage Applicaton

APR stands for annual percentage rate and it states what your actual interest rate is including all loan fees.... Read more

What is Automated Mortgage Underwriting?

Chances are, when you apply for a mortgage, your loan will be underwritten immediately by a computer.... Read more

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance guarantees your ownership in your real estate property by assuring there are not other liens.... Read more

What to do if Your Mortgage Loan Servicing is Transferred

As a borrower you have certain rights under the law regarding the transfer of your mortgage servicing.... Read more

When to Cancel Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

You can cancel your Private Mortgage Insurance when the loan-to-value of your house reaches 80% or less. ... Read more

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Commercial Real Estate Loans | Cap Rates

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