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Providers of Required Services (Sample)

Lender Required Services Disclosure

Loan Number:


Lender Address:


Property Address:

As your lender we require the following service providers be used in connection with your mortgage loan. We have a business relationship with the below named providers. Our relationship with the providers is described as follows: the below named providers have performed 100% of the indicated service in the past year.

Credit Reporting Service:

Credit Data Services, Inc.

Suite 400

1901 S. Harbor City Blvd.

Melbourne, FL 32901

Cost: $60.00

Flood Determination:

First American Flood Data Services

11902 Burnet Road, Suite 400 Tampa, FL


Cost: $18.00

Real Estate Tax Service:

Transamerica Real Estate Tax Service

9950 Princess Palm Ave #212

Tampa, Fl 33619


Cost: $80.00

Construction Inspections:

Chosen from a lender controlled list

Private Mortgage Insurance:

Chosen from a lender controlled list


Chosen from a lender controlled list

Title Insurance:

Chosen from a lender controlled list

If an investor purchases your loan, other providers of the above services may be required. The cost will be similar to the providers indicated above and the fee will be transferred to the investor.