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Best Car Loan Deals

Car loans come in all sizes and terms. You can get an car loan in terms up to 72 months (6 years). Expect to pay a higher interest rate for longer term loans.

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Car loans are available for all types of credit. Expect to pay more if your credit is dinged.

Car loans may require anywhere from zero percent down payment up to 20% percent down payment. Expect to have to put more down if your credit is poor. Some lenders offer better interest rates when there is a down payment in the form of cash or trade.

Car loans for used cars cost more than an auto loan for new cars. Expect to pay at least two percent more for an used car car loan. Car loans from car dealers may seem easy but expect to pay more for your auto loan from a a car dealer.

Always shop at least three loan sources to get the best car loan deal for you. A 2% interest rate difference over a five year loan term can cost you an extra $1,000 in finance costs for a $20,000 car loan.

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