Farm and Ranch Land Loans for Hard to Finance Properties
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Farm and Ranch Land Loans

How to Get Land Loans for Farms and Ranches

Farm and Ranch Loans

farm and ranch land loans

Our farm and ranch Land Loans can be used to purchase land, livestock, equipment, feed, seed and supplies. They can also be used to construct new buildings or make improvements on your farm.

Beginning Farmers

Our farm and ranch loans are often provided to beginning farmers or ranchers who cannot qualify for conventional loans because they have insufficient financial resources.

Established Farmers

They can also help established farmers who have suffered financial setbacks from natural disasters, or whose resources are too limited to maintain profitable farming operations.

Common Mistakes Made by Land Loan Borrowers

1. Soliciting price information without providing all of the necessary information about the loan.

2. Assuming that the loan Provider who offers the best price on one type of loan will also have the best price on another.

3.Selecting the loan Provider offering the best price over the telephone, on the radio or in the newspaper.

4.Assuming that you can shop Lender A today and Lender B tomorrow.

5.Assuming that every Internet company that advertises getting you up to 4 loan offers can really save you time and money.

6.Not shopping for a loan.

7.Not being prepared.

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