Real Estate Land Loans and Improved Lot Loans
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Real Estate Land Loans and Lot Loans

Raw Land and Improved Lot Loans

Real Estate Land loans for real estate developers.

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Finish your real estate land loan in minutes. Lenders will review your application. Those that are interested will immediately provide you with a "Letter of Interest", and a loan approval. You will be notified of interested lenders with their offers by email. You can compare offers from your local lenders with those you receive from us.

Real Estate Land Loans

We arrange land loans for all types of properties and for all purposes including land for commercial and industrial uses, bad credit land loans and sub division land loans for builders.

Land Development Loans

A land development loan is an advance of funds, secured by a mortgage to finance the making, installing or construction of improvements necessary to convert raw land into a construction ready building site.

Raw Land Loans

Banks are very wary of lending on raw/undeveloped land because of the complexity involved in evaluating the project, geographical limitations and increased uncertainty and risk. Private Lenders have a better ability to evaluate these factors and can provide funding for Raw Land purchases, refinancing or equity cash-outs. Terms and availability of raw land loans are property and project dependent, but raw land loans are generally tied to the value of the property and not the borrower's personal credit.

Vacant Land Loans

Vacant Land Loans are designed specifically for borrowers that want to purchase parcels of unimproved land or refinance existing loans secured by unimproved land. Such parcels may be located in a developed,platted subdivision, or may be stand-alone parcels.

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