Refinance Your Car Loan Before Rates go Up
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Refinance Your Car Loan

Rates are Going Up, Refinance Now

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Refinance you auto loan icon in minutes with a fast, online car loan application. Compare interest rates from at least four lenders and select the one that is best for you.

Interest rates for a car loan refinance are at all time lows. You will certainly pay less than 5% and maybe as little as 3%. Compare that rate with what you are paying now. If you get an interest rate that is 3% lower than your current rate, here is how much money you will save.

Assume your current balance is $15,000 and you have three years left on your car loan. That means you will $225 a year in interest or a total of $675. The calculation is based on an average outstanding balance of $7500 over the three years. Wow, how many hours do you have to work to make $675.00?

Refinance your car loan now. Is it worth ten minutes of your time to earn that much money? Complete the simple application and find out how much you can save by doing a car loan refinance.

When you refinance your car loan you may be able to take cash out to pay off higher rate credit cards and reduce your interest rate at the same time.

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